Craig David 強勢回歸,再現 UK Garage 風潮!

還記得大概 15 年前,無意間聽到來自英國南安普敦的 Craig David 在 2000 年所發行的首張專輯《Born to Do It》,就被他那行雲流水的演唱功力所吸引,從那時候開始就愛上了 R&B,而他也成為好青年最愛的西洋 R&B 男歌手。因為如此,便開始搜尋更多西洋音樂、進而涉獵更多音樂風格,加上後來進入奇摩知識+ 的音樂區答題,從此就停不下來,變成興趣喜好,成為生活一部分。如果沒有當初的接觸,或許就沒有之後好青年的音樂清單。當你愛上音樂,你便永遠愛上!

Craig David 年輕時曾在父親所屬的雷鬼樂團 Ebony Rockers 幫唱,1999 年和團體 Artful Dodger 合作歌曲「Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta)」開啟他的音樂職業生涯。現年 35 歲,至今發行 5 張專輯,被提名過 12 座全英音樂獎、2 次葛萊美獎最佳流行男歌手,與許多藝人合作和寫歌,更自組 TS5 大秀 DJ 才藝,實力已經不用多說。

Craig David 可說開啟 UK Garage 的先驅之一,經典歌曲「Fill Me In」和「Rewind」到現在仍是很多人的喜愛,「7 Days」、「Walking Away」以及與 Sting 合作的「Rise & Fall」更是 R&B 金曲,另外還有「What's Your Flava?」、「Hidden Agenda」、「All The Way」和「Unbelievable」等好歌。

此外,流行舞曲「Insomnia」在 2008 年紅極一時,更被韓國歌手 Wheesung 翻唱成韓文版本。

2010 年後漸漸轉向幕後,除了持續寫歌外,開始玩起 DJ 秀。2013 年宣布和 Universal Music Publishing Group 簽下唱片合約,直到 2014 年才在個人 SoundCloud 發表兩首單曲「Cold」和「Seduction」。

去年 11 月底推出久違快六年全新單曲「When the Bassline Drops」找來 Big Narstie 合作,重現 UK Garage 精神。今年 3 月為 Deep House 雙人組 Blonde 獻唱舞曲「Nothing Like This」,展現快嘴饒舌功力。並和電氣女伶 Katy B 以及 DJ Kaytranada 合作單曲「Who Am I」與「Got It Good」,提攜後進。

好青年做夢也沒有想到今年可以在英國看到 Craig David 的現場表演,個人的人生必聽清單又完成一項!目前確定將於今年 9/30 發行最新第六張專輯《Following My Intuition》,更計畫有可能和 Drake 合作 Mixtape 的打算,如果成真肯定紅翻天。

Just let me love you one more time!

這次專輯由金牌製作人 Dave Tozer 操刀,送上最新 Garage 主打「One More Time」以及和 DJ Sigala 合作的熱帶浩室單曲「Ain't Giving Up」,不用說想必立刻擠進排行榜,夏日流線推薦。再現 UK Garage 風潮,可以預期 2016 年將是 Craig David 再展鴻圖的一年,歡迎回歸,快讓年輕世代領教你的音樂魅力吧!

Lyrics 歌詞:(by 好青年 整理)

Written by Craig David

[Chorus: ]
One, two, three, four five
Doesn't matter how many time I try
Can't be without your love
So I'm not giving up, no, no
Five, four, three, two, one
Doesn't matter what's been said or done
Yeah, I can make it right
Just let me love you one more time

[Verse 1: ]
I got liquor in my system
Feeling kinda wavy, got me thinkin'
Of all the things we used to do
Back then when I was still with you
You were there for me from the start
When I didn't ever pain and steal with your heart
For me those feelings haven't changed
Need you back in my arms again

[Pre-Chorus: ]
Southampton I was raised in the days
Remember when you used to pick me up from raves in the days
When I was selling mixtapes instead of getting grades
In my barbers getting a quick fade and a shave
What can I say? Didn't think these days that I'd be missing
Now I'm sitting at this table waiting and reminiscing


[Post-Chorus: ]
One more time, one more time, one more time
Just let me love you one more time
One more time, one more time, one more time
Just let me love you one more time

[Verse 2: ]
I wanna hold you, but it's from a distance
I don't know what to do, needed some assistance
I roll up to your mum's house, I don't even business
'Cause I do anything, cause maybe she can help me fix this
So many mandem on your case, really shoudn't allowed it
I was nobody and you picked me out of the crowed
It took me this long just for me to figure it out
But the simple fact is I'm lost girl when you ain't around


[Bridge: ]
So tell me baby is there hope for you and me?
'Cause I just wanna have you back in my arms (back in my arms)
Kicking myself, it drives me crazy thinking 'bout you
Counting all the nights and days you've been gone
Uuuuh, yeah

[Chorus 2x]

新專輯豪華版有加贈與荷蘭電音 DJ Hardwell 合作的「No Holding Back」!

專輯《Following My Intuition》曲目:

                  01 Ain't Gving Up [歌詞中譯參考]
                  02 When The Bassline Drops
                  03 Don't Go
                  04 16
                  05 Couldn't Be Mine
                  06 One More Time
                  07 Chang My Love
                  08 Nothing Like This
                  09 Got It Good
                  10 All We Needed
                  11 Louder Than Words
                  12 What If
                  13 Like A Fan
                  14 Better With You

Deluxe Edition 豪華版曲目:
                  15 No Holding Back
                  16 Here With Me
                  17 Warm It Up
                  18 Sink Or Swim