Apple 智慧無線喇叭 HomePod 廣告,Spike Jonze 執導、FKA twigs 主演!

Apple 於今年發行智慧無線喇叭 HomePod,請來美國知名導演 Spike Jonze 執導廣告《Welcome Home》,並由英國女藝人 FKA twigs 主演,背景插曲選用 Anderson .Paak 最新創作「Til It's Over」,隨音樂恣意起舞舒展全身,進入自己創建的虛幻世界。

Lyrics 歌詞:(by 好青年 整理)

Written by Michael Uzowuru, Jeff Kleinman & Anderson .Paak
Produced by Jeff Kleinman & Michael Uzowuru

[Verse 1: ]
We stayed up all night watching the comedy show
That aged whiskey and hydro
Good lord, what a nice conversation
I'm too floored to get anywhere safely
You know I talk about you highly
I'm fascinated for the time being
We can laugh until the morning
Or we can dance in the hallway


[Pre-Chorus: ]
Only one more night in Los Angeles
I really thought I could handle it
But the funny thing is, I was holding back tears
I didn't think this day would happen
I give all this up for a chance at it
You would have thought I'd be the man for this
But the funny thing is, we can never stay here
I didn't think this day could happen

[Chorus: ]
I'ma ride it 'til it's over
I'ma ride it 'til it's over
I'ma ride it 'til it's over
I'ma ride it 'til it's over

[Hook: ]
I'ma ride, I'ma ride
I'ma ride it 'til it's over
I'ma ride, I'ma ride
I'ma ride, I'ma ride


[Verse 2: ]
And don't all this new music sound the same?
Yeah, we must be getting old and grey
We left early, girl, that band was shitty anyway
We went home and left our clothes up in the living space, aye
Would you stay if your heart had the power?
Would you run and find another life to imitate?
It's important that we make the best of short time
You could never be my one and only, anyway
Say, can't a young man dream?
Can't we all live the life on a widescreen?
What's the point? Yeah
Yeah, we had fun, if only for the time being