《學運單曲》「島嶼天光 ISLAND'S SUNRISE」國際英文版


For all the Taiwanese people who are fighting for the future of Taiwan!
A beautiful island formerly known as "Formosa", Taiwan, is now at a challenging crossroad to democracy. Started from March 18, 2014, a group of students occupied the Legislative Yuan for a non-violent protest against the "Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement" between Taiwan and China, which later known as the "Sunflower Student Movement". The movement has then waken up people in Taiwan to pay more attention onto different important political, economic and livelihood issues and aware of how corrupt Taiwan political environment is.

"Island's Sunrise", originally written and sang by famous punk rock band "Fire Ex." The English version is covered by Sherry Cheng. This song flawlessly declares an attic faith for democracy and the necessity for fighting against the corrupt government. Originally a powerful rock ballad, the English version accompanied by strings and piano offers a more subtle and peaceful feeling and gives people the answer of the inherent human nature longing for a better tomorrow.

People in Taiwan are no more silent lambs! Not only the Trade Agreement, Taiwanese now pay more attention to issues related to Nuclear Power, Government/Police Brutality, Improper/Illegal Eminent Domain, Referendum, Rights to Assembly and Procession. People are now trying to walk on the roads to demonstrate their persistent beliefs for a free from corruption government and congress. With this beautiful song, people in Taiwan show the value of Democracy to all over the world!




For those who once believed, who is still believing, and who is beginning to believe.

We once thought
In order to shed light
One must be like the sun: massive and radiant

We once thought
It was enough for this tiny glimmer
To loom above our solitary paths

But we found the truth:
If each of us extend our glow
There will be enough to illuminate the rest

If someone seizes the light
Do not get used to the night

Shine with all your might
And others will gather and follow

Believe in your light
Believe in your strength

To illuminate the world
We need every speck of light to release themselves amidst the gloomy clouds

We all realize
That we have the strength and power
That we are capable of making changes

They need to know
That we exist
That we care
And we will take action

Believe in yourself
Believe in your strength
And when the rays of lights disperse after gathering
Do not cease to shine
Let's light up the entire island!

Lyrics 歌詞:(by 好青年 整理)

Colors grow and creep
My tinted flesh outline your feet
我以血肉之軀 描繪你的雙足
Your limbs, tightly we knit
牢固地編織 你的肢臂
Your face is cast with my breath, and my heat
烈火般炙熱的呼吸 鑄造你的面具

The hunters start to seize
We're lost at sea, adrift like leaves
我們在汪洋中迷失 像不知歸途的落葉
Have our hollers reached your heels?
吶喊化作遠浪 可曾襲捲至你的踝邊
We hope our whispers slightly touched your crown
但願我們的低語 輕觸過你的虛妄之冠

Darkness breaks apart
Horizon lined with a hopeful crowd
不放棄理想的人 勾勒出遠方的地平線
A voice echoes, beckons
迴盪的聲浪 召喚
Wave by the wings below the sun
Darkness breaks apart
The flags raise high wall breaks down
正義之旗高舉 高牆倒下
Link my spirit to your heart
Together we stand up proud

Setting sail, don't fear, sky crystal clear
揚起風帆 無所畏懼 天空再度澄澈透明
The heavy fog may slow me down
Hold that fire high above the wild
Fight for the glorious day to come

Darkness breaks apart
Darkness breaks apart
With pounding hearts we are making this start
滿懷悸動 我們從這裡出發

Darkness breaks apart (At the crack of dawn)
暗夜不再 破曉時分
Express your dream grow with our song (and the dream goes on)
讓我們一起唱出 逐漸茁壯的夢想 (夢想不曾熄滅)
Teardrops fall in the river
They spread and sparkle along
無盡擴散 粼粼閃爍

Darkness breaks apart (At the crack of dawn)
暗夜不再 破曉時分
Express your dream grow with our song (and the dream goes on)
讓我們一起唱出 逐漸茁壯的夢想 (夢想不曾熄滅)
Dear, that day will come
親愛的 輝煌之日將至
With this brilliant and fearless throng
人民勇敢無懼 神采飛揚
Dear, that day will come
親愛的 輝煌之日將至
With this brilliant and fearless throng
人民勇敢無懼 神采飛揚

作詞 Lyrics by
陳敬元 Chen,Ching-Yuan
吳達坤 Wu,Dar-kuen
陳怡潔 Agi CHEN
何采柔 Joyce HO
吳中平 Michael Wu
郭一萱 Yi-Hsuan Kuo
鄭宜蘋 Betty Apple
黑鈴 Julia Chien
詹前龍 Damon

中文翻譯 Chinese Lyric Translated by
王小苗 Miao Wang

作曲 Music by
楊大正 Sam Yang

演唱 Performed by
鄭雙雙 Sherry Cheng

製作、編曲 Producer / Arranger
王希文 Owen Wang

配唱指導 Vocal Coach
詹前龍 Damon

鋼琴 Piano
蘇子茵 Daphne Su

小提琴 Violin
蘇子茵 Daphne Su
張譽耀 Edric Chang
張亦若 Yiruo Chang
黃瓊齡 Huang Chiung-Lin
薛 云 Aggie Hsueh
吳思潔 CJ WU
陳翊婷 Erin Chen
張暐姍 Chang Wei-Shan

中提琴 Viola
潘世洵 Shih-Hsun Pan
楊凱甯 K6
游家輔 Benchiafu

大提琴 Cello
范宗沛 Tsung-Pei Fan
妮 子 Nie

合唱 (劇場人) Chorus (theater community)
蔡邵桓 Andy Tsai
沈筑婷 Anny Shen
林玟圻 Ctwo
鍾琪 Chi
高竹嵐 Chu-Lan Kao
張靜之 Christine Chang
尹仲敏 Chung-Min Yin
陳家逵 Chiakuei Chen
林靜敏 Chloe Lin
洪得翔 Derek Hung
黃尹浩 Evan Huang
賈彬 Giovanni O
徐宏愷 Honkkai Hsu
王悅甄 Janis Wang
賴盈螢 Kanny Lai
呂寰宇 Phoenix Lu
任書欣 Suzanne Jen
曾威豪 Soso Tseng
呂馥伶 Sophia Lu
孫士鈞 Steven Sun
黃東漢 Toni Huang
Titan Jian
王宏元 Wang Yuan
林凱薇 Vivi Lin

譜務 Music Preparation
游家輔 Benchiafu

錄音師 Recording Engineer
林尚伯 Lin Shang Po

錄音助理 Recording assistant
曾威傑 Wei- Jay-Tseng

混音師 Mixing Engineer
林尚伯 Lin Shang Po
Vocal & Piano recorded @ JL Music & Video Productions.
Strings & Chorus recorded @ Platinum Studio

協辦組織:the co-organizer
亞細亞安那其連線 AAA /
耕聲人聲響推廣組織 Sound Farmers
零時文播 G0V Live Text

企劃協助 Supports
黑 玲 Julia Chien
李佳蓉 Cha Li
高竹嵐 Chu-Lan Kao
王咏琳 Yunglin Wang
林芃彣 Winnie Lin
黃紫綾 Ada Huang
Bruce Lin

特別感謝 Special Thanks
Andy Barker
陳星穎 Singing Chen
何彥諺 Yen Ho
陳慧元 Alexander
白金錄音室 任飛翔 Platinum Studio Fei Jen
切音樂電影有限公司 Che Studio
有料音樂 U Loud Music