Very, Too, So的用法

1. Very, much :非常 ; 就是(表強調)

[1.1.]:very修飾形容詞、副詞。Much ( or very much) 修飾動詞。

【例】I am very happy.

【例】I like it very much.

《注意》當"就是"時,與 the 連用

【例】 She is the very girl I'd like to be with! 她就是那個我想要在一起的女孩!

[1.2.]:very修飾原級之形容詞、副詞。Much ( or very much) 修飾比較級、最高級之形容詞、副詞。

【例】My father is very tall.

【例】His grade is much better than yours.

[1.3.]:very修飾現在分詞。Much ( or very much) 修飾過去分詞。

【例】The book is very interesting.

【例】I was much surprised at the news.

[1.4.]:以a-開頭的形容詞,多以much (or very much)來修飾。

e.g. a-fraid, a-lone, a-like, a-live, a-ware, etc.

【例】The twins look much alike.

2. So, too:

[2.1.]:So, too 同very(非常) 使用時,so用於口語,too用於強調語氣。

【例】I am so happy to see you.

【例】It is too tough for answer.


※ not so+adj./ adv.+as;【例】I am not so angry as disappointed.

※ so+adj.+as to+不定詞;【例】I am not so stupid as to do that.

※ so+adj./ adv.+that;【例】He is so poor that we have to help him.

※ so+adj.+ a+N. 【例】He is so cute a little boy.

[2.3.]:too … to … 的句型。(太...以致於不能 ...)

【例】It is too tough to answer.


【例】I am only too glad to be of your help.=I am very glad to be of your help.

【例】It is never too hard for you to study.=You cannot study too hard.


【例】I have been to America, too.

《注意》too 用於肯定句, 否定句要用 either

【例】Mary didn't want to go out, and I didn't, either.

so置於句首,解釋成(確是如此,正是那樣),表達的語意跟 too 剛好一樣

【例】He is, too. = So is he.

【例】I do, too. = So do I.

【例】He does, too. = So does he.

【例】She can, too. = So can she.


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