Sigur Rós 發佈全新臨界計畫《Liminal》,建立無盡音樂播放清單

《Liminal》不只是一張由 Jónsi、Alex Somers 和 Paul Corley 精心製作,充滿 Sigur Rós 氛圍的混音帶,而是視為一個生態系統。在過去與未來的作品之間,在嶄新的音樂和尚未萌芽的想法之間,在二十年前創作的歌曲和不久將完成的成果之間,找出關聯並模糊界限。

將這些給編舞家、視覺藝術家和新技術的合作成果和委託作品,與個人作品和混音、電影配樂和生成式音樂,以及好友和同事們的作品,一起呈現在廣大的 Sigur Rós「家庭」中。《Liminal》旨在帶領聽者到秘境去,到一處無法分界的地帶,一個「臨界」空間。《Liminal》將會以「無盡的」播放清單形式存在於數位服務中,這意味著它將在線性時間內建立一個不斷發明、永無休止的計畫。

liminal is much more than an ambient sigur rós mixtape curated by jónsi, alex somers and paul corley. liminal views sigur rós as an eco-system. it identifies the connections and blurs the boundaries between work done and work to come; between brand new music and ideas barely yet nascent; between songs written 20 years ago and collaborations to be made tomorrow.

in bringing together these collaborations and commissions – for choreographers, visual artists and new technologies – with solo work and remixes, film score and generative music, as well as the work of close friends and associates in the wider sigur rós ‘family’, liminal aims to take the listener to a hinterland, to the threshold of a place neither nor there; a “liminal” space. liminal will live on digital services as an ‘endless’ playlist, which means it will be built over linear time into a never-finished project of ceaseless invention.